Damara Sheep Breeders Society of Australia Inc


Damara Sheep Breeders Society of Australia Inc.


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Getting Started-Setting up

Damaras are introduced into existing sheep and or/cropping operations with minimal changes to infrastructure. Damaras have minimal management costs due to lack of shearing, less chemical use and no mulesing.  Two structured matings in first year establishes six-monthly lambing intervals or if leaving rams running with ewes, first drop will occur five to six months later.

It is important that new producers explore set-up costs and weigh up savings in management costs –v- potential income. Comparative economic analyses since 1996 of Damara and meat sheep breeds show they have potential to consistently deliver high gross margins, due to improved reproductive productivity, prime premiums and lower production costs.

Membership Information

The Damara Membership Application form can be downloaded here (opens a pdf in a new window).

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