Damara Sheep Breeders Society of Australia Inc

Damara Sheep Breeders Society of Australia Inc.

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Damara Sheep

The Damara is a unique breed of meat sheep ideally suited to our Australian climate.

Damaras originated in East Asia & Egypt circa 3000BC and were introduced to Australia from South Africa in 1996. They have adapted to extreme climates and harsh environments as they have migrated to many countries.


Damara Sheep tolerate heat well and are able to walk long distances, making use of feed away from watering points. They have been performing successfully in wheatbelt regions and pastoral country of Australia. Damaras can be adapted to existing farming infrastructures and provide an excellent commercial opportunity to increase meat production and live export into alternative world markets.




The Ice Babies

The 2013 Damara Embryo Lamb Program on Sherana

Thirteen years ago, in South Africa, a South African veterinarian took 100 embryos from pure Damara ewes owned by a leading South African Damara Breeder, Petra Scholtz....




Successful Damara Site at the Mingenew Lions Field Day

Darmara Site at the Mingenew Lions Field Day

Western Division President Matthew Young, Gemma Cripps and her husband Michael with sheep from the Alcheringa Registered Stud number 0021.  Many enquiries were made and there was much interest in the breed.